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StellarPlatform enables individuals, teams and organizations to create and facilitate impactful projects.
Plan. Structure. Organize. Collaborate. Manage. Innovate.

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All too often, projects simply don`t deliver.

Have you ever been a part of or led a project that can be described by at least one of the following statements:
  • We didn`t know where or how to start.
  • Project was poorly planned or structured.
  • Project lacked vision, direction or support.
  • Project was not aligned with company`s strategy.
  • Project hasn`t met desired goals or results.
  • Project was poorly managed or lacked communication.

We are here to change that.

StellarPlatform is an online tool for creating, planning & managing projects. We help entrepreneurs, project managers, teams and organizations to:
  • Turn ideas into solutions & new businesses
  • Plan, structure and create projects
  • Organize work and monitor progress
  • Collaborate through structured conversations
  • Foster creativity & innovation

What makes StellarPlatform different?

Unique tool for project planning

StellarPlatform has a unique set of tools & tasks that turn ideas and concepts into well-defined and structured projects.

Structured conversations

You can lead and manage projects through structured and organized conversations, tasks, events and decisions.

Meaningful collaboration

StellarPlatform enables you to engage different stakeholders and setup collaborations which foster creativity and innovation.

& tenders

Platforms & tenders are designed to help organizations facilitate and foster impactful projects within their community/employees.

What to use
StellarPlatform for?


Innovative and impactful solutions should not come as lucky accidents and moment of genius, but rather as a result of a structured process and well defined context. StellarPlatform guides you through the process of project planning and helps you identify, challenge, re-evaluate, operationalize and implement projects which deliver impactful solutions for problems that matter.


Impactful and innovative projects are managed through a structured set of "topic based" conversations, not just a set of tasks and to-dos. StellarPlatform enables you to manage projects through structured and organized conversations, tasks, events and decisions which can help you steer effort, increase focus, improve collaboration and monitor individual and team progress.


Long-term success and sustainable competitive advantage of organizations depends on creative, innovative and impactful outputs of it`s employees/ community. StellarPlatform helps organizations to facilitate impactful projects and design systems (through platforms & tenders) that discover and produce solutions which will re-shape the competitive game and build a better future.

Who should use StellarPlatform?

Entrepreneurs have lots of ideas.
By themselves, ideas provide little value. StellarPlatform helps entrepreneurs turn their passion and ideas into well-structured projects that maximize impact and minimize potential risks.

Managing projects and balancing several of them is demanding. StellarPlatform is here to help you steer and structure your team`s effort to increase efficiency and provide tools to develop projects with more impact, better results and less risk.
Managing work, tasks, responsibilities, ideas and insights for one/several projects is hard to handle. StellarPlatform helps you to focus your effort, structure work/tasks and develop impactful and insightful ideas which help your project to grow and advance.
Investors need structured, concise and relevant information about the project and it`s team/leaders with clear observation of project impact and risk. StellarPlatform represents a project “marketplace” with easy access to all necessary and relevant information.
Hubs & accelerators build communities and help them develop solutions & businesses. StellarPlatform is here to join the cause and provide tools which help facilitate projects and which also help communities build impactful solutions and sustainable businesses.
Organizations move forward and thrive with innovative & impactful solutions and projects. StellarPlatform helps organizations to facilitate them and design systems and processes which help teams to discover and create solutions for problems that matter.

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