Project planning

Step-by-step process of creating impactful projects

StellarPlatform focuses not only on management part of the project, but also on exploring, creating and planning projects and all it`s segments. Various features in project planning allow you to structure every important segment of your project and build it to sustainability and maximum impact.

Project planning enables you to:

  • Create & develop projects
  • Setup project micro site
  • Structure teams & community
  • Specify ownership share & options
  • Add revenue streams
  • Specify required resources


Manage projects through structured conversations, tasks, decisions and events

Threads are a collaboration tool which allow projects to be managed as a set of structured topic-based conversations, not just a set of tasks. Conversation threads spark discussions, Tasks structure the workflow, Decisions drive merit-based action and Appointments bring structure and agendas to meetings.

With threads you are able to:

  • Develop structured topic-based conversations
  • Create & manage project tasks & to-dos
  • Specify and discuss project decisions
  • Setup appointments with clear agendas
  • Have all your files and links in one place

Kanban board

Instant view on project status & progress

StellarPlatform Kanban board focuses on task status (backlog, in progress, on-hold, completed etc.), thus allowing an integrated and overall one-page view of the entire project/workflow. With easy search, sort and filter options you are able to track and manage progress of the entire team, project, department or organization.

Kanban board is useful because of:

  • Simple one-page view of the entire project
  • Drag & drop status edit
  • Easy search & sort options
  • Filtering tasks per project, person and importance

Platforms & tenders

Facilitate impactful and innovative projects

Platforms and tenders are an important tool which allow organizations to setup systems and processes which yield impactful projects and solutions. You are able to manage the entire process from setting up a platform/tender micro site, to managing requirements projects have to meet and proclaiming tender winners. Creating funnels of projects has never been easier with StellarPlatform.

Platforms & tenders allow you to:

  • Setup platform & tender micro site
  • Define assignments
  • Create cycles
  • Specify requirements
  • Provide feedback
  • Evaluate projects
  • Specify rewards
  • Proclaim winners


Manage all your responsibilities in one place

Calendar is the place where you can create and manage tasks and appointments but it also allows you to manage all your timed and untimed tasks & to-dos in one place. Create events, assign priority & status, add participants, upload files, specify locations, structure as many to-dos as you need and associate all of it to a project you are currently working on.

Through Stellar`s calendar you can:

  • Create appointments & tasks
  • Associate events to different projects
  • Search & filter per event, to-do, person or project
  • Manage timed and untimed tasks & to-dos

Personal profile

Tell the community a story of you

Profile on StellarPlatform is designed to tell your personal story. Post things you are passionate about, manage education, work, skills, interests and create & manage your own personalized groups. Also follow others, like & comment their content, highlight the most interesting posts – engage with the community on StellarPlatform.

Managing your profile allows you to:

  • Setup your personal micro site
  • Specify education
  • Specify work experience
  • Specify skills
  • Specify interests
  • Create & manage groups

Organization profile

Setup key information and communicate it

Organization profile enables you to setup your structure, admins & contacts and add employees with their direct and dotted supervisors. Specify key information about your organization, setup a micro site, start posting content and tell the community what is your organization all about.

Manage your organization profile by:

  • Specifying company information
  • Setting up organization`s micro site
  • Specifying departments & roles
  • Adding employees

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